Wine producers and sales partners all over the world are united by the desire for satisfied customers and long-term success. Developing a brand within a globalised, ever- changing world present new challenges every day. As the head of the 7th generation of the Langguth family, I am pleased to accept the responsibility of meeting these challenges.

I come from a German/Brazilian background, and studied Business Administration in Rio de Janeiro and Frankfurt. My professional experience was gained in the markets of the USA, Great Britain, Romania and China. As the CEO, I now manage Langguth activities all over the world. International business is commonplace. Thanks to the support of Johannes Rumpf and his sales team we could successfully introduce new products as well as attract new business partners in various countries. To me, partnership means maintaining traditions, enhancing quality awareness, taking new directions together and taking forward the development of products and markets.

Yours sincerely


Patrick F.W. Langguth


... and reality. Developing premium brands and the entire product range, managing administrative and logistical processes in a contemporary way and setting standards in international competition are the challenges that have to be met today and tomorrow.

Marketing strategies are being increasingly attuned to the mentality of continental requirements. 24-hour distribution will be a matter of course. Regardless of where Langguth products are required anywhere in the world, we are available at all times, and the current delivery process is transparent and accessible from anywhere on the planet.

It is more than a promise, it is the responsibility of our company and our business partners.

Social Responsibility

Since Wolfgang Langguth founded the Johann Wolfgang Langguth Foundation in 1976, the F.W. Langguth Erben winery supports social activities. Nowadays the Johann Wolfgang Langguth Foundation focuses on supporting mentally and physically handicapped children.